The School Team

Rushmoor School Staff and Responsibilities

Senior Leadership Team
Mr Ian Daniel Principal
Mr Andrew Whomsley Deputy Head Teacher
Mrs Margaret Barnes

Assistant Head - Pastoral 
Mr Ian Swannell Head of Sixth Form
Head of Humanities
Mrs Toni Djukic Head of Juniors
Mrs Susan Diffey Business Manager
Mrs Ellie Johnson

Assistant Head - Academic, Head of Maths


Subject Teachers
Mrs Sara Beattie Business Studies
Mrs Laura Chaplin Art / Photography
Mrs Claire Couzens Food Technology
Ms Joanna Cripps Design Technology
Mrs Jolin Crannis Mathematics
Mr David Day Head of Music
Mrs Kate Gittins Drama
Theatre Studies A Level
Mr Neil Halliday History 
Government and Politics A Level
Mr Adam Jones English
Mrs Noeline Kelly English 

Ms Natalie Lawrence
Maternity leave 2016/17

Mrs Karen Lewis Head of MFL
Mrs Ruth Lowe Head of English
Mr David Morrish Humanities
PE & Games
Mr Nicholas Pike Head of Science
Mr Kristian Price-Dewey Head of ICT
Mr Sam Richbell Head of PE & Games
Miss Helen Ross Geography
Miss Samantha Simic Physics
Mr Lee Walker PE & Games
Mrs Diane Wyatt Cover Supervisor


Junior Class Teachers
Miss Lucinda Robson 5CR Form Tutor
Mrs Amanda Colbert 5AC Form Tutor
Miss Alison Braines 4AB Form Tutor
Miss Emily Thompson 4ET Form Tutor
Mrs Joanne Mortensen 3JM Form Tutor
Mr Simon Thomas 3ST Form Tutor
Ms Lisa Camino 2LC Form Tutor 
PSHE & RE Co-ordinator
Miss Emily Boast 2EB Form Tutor

Mrs Jenny Pierce
Mr Tom Short 

1RDF Form Tutor
Mr Christopher Macinnes Head of Early Years Foundation Stage
Reception Form Tutor
Mrs Toni Djukic Head of Juniors
Mrs Linda Robinson Nursery Nurse
Miss Samantha Grummitt Nursery Nurse


Learning Support Staff
Mrs Marion Holgate Special Educational Needs
Mrs Fiona Cooke Special Needs Teacher
Mrs Sheena Davis Special Needs Teacher
Mrs Shaminka Barnes Learning Support Assistant  
Mrs Eleanor Bell Learning Support Assistant  
Miss Anna Bunclark Learning Support Assistant  
Mr Oliver Crowe Learning Support Assistant  
Mrs Sara Gale Learning Support Assistant  
Mrs Barbara Gilbert Learning Support Assistant  
Mrs Joanne Green Learning Support Assistant  
Mr Bert Guy Learning Support Assistant  
Mrs Margaret Hope Learning Support Assistant
School Displays
Mrs Julie Langford Learning Support Assistant  
Miss Kerstin Lee Learning Support Assistant  
Mrs Mirela Limb Learning Support Assistant  
Mrs Maria Lombardi Learning Support Assistant  
Mrs Eileen McLoughlin Learning Support Assistant  
Mrs Jeannie Olesen Learning Support Assistant  
Mrs Davinder Sangha Learning Support Assistant  
Mrs Liz Spenceley Learning Support Assistant  
Miss Helen Thompson Learning Support Assistant  


Administrative & Support Staff
Mrs Heather Bushell Learning Resources Centre
Mrs Susan Diffey Business Manager
Mrs Philippa Abruzzese Head’s PA & Admissions
Mrs Jo Lemon Data Manager
Mrs Jayne Clark Office Administration
Mrs Gina Ciuro Receptionist & First Aider
Mrs Lesley Tyler Finance Administration  
Mr Chris Brooke Network Manager  
Mr Tim Melton Maintenance  
Mrs Lesley Howlett Catering Manager  
Mrs Hilary Ball Catering Assistant/Cook  
Mrs Abbie Barron Catering Assistant  
Mrs Linda Kaur Catering Assistant  
Miss Daniella Dargenio Catering Assistant  
Miss Abigail Rayer Sixth Form Co-ordinator
Mrs Denise McKenna Science Technician  



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