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Welcome to the Rushmoor seniors department page designed to give you useful information about the learning and experiences for senior pupils at our school. The senior department consists of Years 9, 10 and 11. Pupils are in small mixed ability form groups but are in sets and option groups for curriculum subjects. These year groups are obviously a vital stage of a pupil's education and mark the transition to independence and future adult life.

In the senior school we aim to ensure that each pupil is able to build on the learning, skills and study habits established in the Middle Years. Our school ethos embraces the development of pupils in terms of academic progress, social and moral awareness and being a valuable member of our learning community. Throughout the senior school years there are numerous opportunities for pupils to develop in all these areas.

All subjects are taught by specialist teachers. Year 9 pupils continue to follow the full range of subjects including food technology. In Years 10 and 11 pupils usually study eight or nine subjects at GCSE level including the core subjects. We are pleased to be able to offer our pupils the opportunity to take biology, physics and chemistry as three separate subjects. The majority of our pupils take this route to GCSE and the first modules of the courses are studied in Year 9. However, some pupils prefer to take GCSE science with additional science so there is also provision for this.

Our learning resource centre and the team of LSAs are always willing to assist all our pupils in their learning and pupils benefit greatly from all the formal and at times, informal support given by this department.

Personal development and learning through a variety of experiences is very important in the senior school. Many of these experiences arise through the curriculum subjects as well as performing in drama productions both in an out of school; pupils go to theatre productions both locally and in London. Workshops in English and drama are also an integral part of the curriculum. Our music department gives pupils the opportunity to work with others in instrumental and singing groups as well as being able to learn to compose and perform their own music assisted by our newly installed music technology facilities. Most subjects have visits and field trips as a regular part of the scheme of work. EFL (education for life) is a timetabled session for all senior pupils and this encompasses aspects of personal and health educations, relationships, ethics etc as well as careers preparation and decision making.

Senior pupils are encouraged to participate in after school clubs and activities. We have a close link with another local independent school where there is a large CCF division. Thus pupils in the senior years who wish to join the CCF go each week to the school and are part of their squad. Our CCF pupils are fully involved in the activities and take part in camps and other events throughout the year.

We also give the pupils the opportunity to participate in the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme. Pupils take part in the sections of the award leading to the bronze and silver awards.

Sports teams are a feature of Rushmoor and we are very proud of the range of sports and the success we are able, as a small school, to achieve. Pupils in the senior school have many opportunities to part of the teams as well as being able to join the after school clubs and use the fitness apparatus at lunchtimes.

In Years 10 and 11 our senior pupils are expected to take on responsibilities which allow them to develop their interpersonal skills and enhance their experiences in our learning community. For example there are some pupils for whom a role on the school council will be their particular niche. We also have roles for pupils in the house system; we have both an academic and a sport captain for each of the three houses. Our Year 11 pupils are selected as prefects and are led by a head boy and a deputy. As well as carrying out everyday duties we like our prefect team to be part of school events such as open days etc where they are able to show visitors the school and talk about their experiences of life at Rushmoor.

Parents' consultation evenings and regular reports home are an integral part of the routine of the senior school. There are regular written reports sent home and each group in the senior school has two parents' consultation evenings per academic year.

All staff work tirelessly to ensure that your son's experience of the senior school years is productive, fun, happy and that he is able to achieve his personal best in all aspects of his learning and school experience.

If you have any questions about the senior part of the school or require any specific information, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

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