Junior School

Our warm and nurturing Junior School provides an environment that celebrates children’s individuality and helps them to flourish. The Junior School is co-educational and comprises our EYFS provision in Reception, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 (up to and including Year 5). The majority of the Junior School classes are situated in the Junior Block. Reception children also have direct access to their own outside play and learning area.

The Junior School integrates well into the life of the whole school and our children are able to use the on-site facilities. These include the Learning Resource Centre, Music Room, Drama Studio, Design and Technology Suite, Information and Communication Suite, Art Room, Food Technology Room, Gymnasium and Learning Support Area.

Pre-School Reception Year Parents Handbook 2020-2021

Junior School Parents Handbook 2020-2021

Reception class offers a smooth transition from the Nursery environment. Whilst the principles of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework continue to be important, the balance between child-initiated play and adult-directed playful learning begins to shift. Our Reception class promotes ‘school readiness’ by giving the children a broad range of knowledge and skills that provide the right foundation for future progress.

Key Stage 1

Our Year 1 and Year 2 classes are built on the firm foundations set in Reception. A carefully structured educational programme provides a secure basis for skills in Literacy, Numeracy, Science, Humanities, Art, Music, Design & Technology (DT) and Information and & Communications Technology (ICT). The curriculum is based on a balance of formal teaching and close attention to each child's development in social skills, creativity, and understanding of the world.  We have structured programme in place for Phonics, Literacy and Mathematics.  Other subjects are taught via a creative or thematic approach. Pupils will also begin to learn a foreign language and will have a weekly Italian lesson. Our Physical Education provision offers a varied programme of games, athletics, gymnastics and swimming.

Carefully selected topics are used in a creative way to ensure that children enjoy their learning. Music is taught by a specialist.

Key Stage 2 (Y3, 4 & 5)
Our Year 3, 4 and 5 classes build on and further develop the curriculum provided in Key Stage 1. Specialist teaching gradually increases. This helps to develop independence and prepare children for the transition to Middle School. New subjects such as Food Technology (FT) and French are introduced.

Year 5 children are given the opportunity to take on additional responsibilities such as Lunch Room Monitors, and Junior Head of House.

Throughout the Junior School, the children are taught within mixed ability classes. Differing needs are met through careful differentiation, and our small class sizes ensure that all children are given the special attention they deserve. The progress of each child is constantly monitored to ensure individual needs are met.

We also have a full range of extra-curricular activities outside the classroom to stimulate minds and bodies. These range from sports, dance and activities clubs to camping and skiing trips as well as visits to places of interest, including museums, local parks, nature reserves, stately homes and the theatre.

All class teachers are available to discuss any issues arising and are normally the first point of contact for parents. However, if matters need further discussion or are of a delicate nature, then parents should feel free to contact the Head of Juniors.

Rushmoor Juniors is a place where children thrive, feel safe and have a sense of identity and belonging.


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