Individual Care

The school aims to provide the highest possible level of pastoral care to all pupils at all times.  It is intended that pupils feel happy and secure within a firm and fair framework of discipline which promotes responsible behaviour.  All staff have responsibility for the safe supervision, care and welfare of the pupils and it is important that all pupils feel that they can confide in or consult any member of staff, male or female.

All adults who work in the school play an important part in the development of positive pupil-adult relationships, and recognise that these positive relationships contribute a great deal towards establishing a happy and purposeful working atmosphere, both inside and outside the classroom.

The school endeavours to develop in the pupils an understanding of moral principles which allows them to tell right from wrong, to respect other people and to respect truth, justice and other people's property.  Pupils are encouraged to be aware of cultural differences, whether religious, social or ethnic, and to reject all forms of discrimination.

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