School History

Rushmoor School moved from London to Shakespeare Road, Bedford in 1918. It was privately owned and educated children in the age range from eight to thirteen.

In 1965, the owner announced her retirement and the closure of the School. At this time a group of parents and friends persuaded her to allow them to take on the running of the School and Rushmoor School Ltd, a charitable trust administered by a Board of Governors, came into being. Under their guidance the School has expanded over the years to encompass the age range of 2-16 for boys and 2-11 for girls, and, of course, to extend both property and facilities.

Recent building developments include 6th form centre, comprising numerous classrooms, study rooms and a common room. Further developments include new changing room facilities and a refurbishment of the sports pavilion on the games field. New cricket facilities opened in the summer term of 2014 allowing pupils to greater develop their skills in the sport.  A climbing frame and soft-mat play area has been developed for pupils in the Junior Department to enjoy during break and lunch. 

We are continuing to improve our facilities to the benefit of the pupils who use them. These include the introduction of food technology into the school with a brand new food technology suite. Further developments include the expansion of the Early Years Foundation Stage seeing its floor space double and a refurbishment of the junior area.

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