School Aims

The school aims to:

  • enable pupils to acquire the knowledge, wisdom and self-discipline appropriate for further education, employment and adult life.
  • ensure that all pupils have the opportunity to develop their intellectual, physical and creative gifts, across a broad and balanced curriculum
  • provide a range of extra-curricular opportunities at lunchtime and after school
  • promote the personal development of pupils, encouraging lively curious and enquiring minds, respect for themselves and others and a high regard for truth
  • promote self confidence, resilience,honesty, integrity, social responsibility and awareness in pupils
  • generate a happy atmosphere and offer support to all members of the school community
  • encourage pupils to show pride, respect and active concern for their school surroundings and for the wider environment
  • encourage pupils to be aware of the needs of the community beyond the school and to give service
  • provide the stability and security of continuous education on one site, spanning the age ranges from 2-18 years
  • provide a stable environment in which every pupil can achieve the highest standards in all aspects of school life in preparation for the challenges of the future.
  • engage parents in school life to enhance their child's education and wellbeing
  • encourage pupils to make informed choices to help their emotional and mental wellbeing

Moral and Religious principles

Rushmoor School runs along Christian principles. We try to ensure that an understanding and appreciation of how these principles apply to life in the modern world. We strongly uphold the Christian principles in as far as they refer to the way in which we behave towards each other. This does not put us at odds with other religions represented in the School, as the basic principles and the morality expressed by all the major religions, be they Western or Eastern, are similar.

We take every opportunity to discuss the similarities of the various religions of the world. In a world in which religious division is becoming increasingly apparent with the emergence revival of fundamentalist approaches, the more we can do to increase understanding, interest and tolerance of differeing religious viewpoints, the better we will serve our children.

In practice, it means that we should be doing all that we can to teach our children honesty, integrity compassion and a true respect for all around them. This should be a way of life, including behaviour, manners, disciple and self-discipline which should be expected from all in our community at all times.

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