Supporting the school

The PTFA exists as the social and fund-raising arm of the school's activities. We organise different social events throughout the year, trying to involve as many children and parents as possible in events such as fetes, feature evenings, sporting events etc.

We are a group of volunteers, parents looking to be innovative and find new ways to support the children and the school.
In the last year, there have been a number of significant purchases, most recent being the Junior School playground. Previously, we have also purchased items such as:

  • 3 Mini Bus Lites
  • Refurbishment of the junior playground at both the alliance junior schools (Rushmoor & St Andrew's)
  • A folding climbing frame, digital cameras, televisions and a portable CD player
  • New equipment for the Science Department
  • Cleverboards

Additionally, we contributed towards the computerisation of the library and supported the setting up of a cookery club, which proves to be very popular! Our aim is to forge closer links between parents and school to enhance the supportive environment in which the children can thrive. This is especially important for new families, trying to integrate themselves into the school community. Hence many of our functions are social: In other words, we try and plan to have a good time! A great way to be more involved in the life of the school is to help with the work of the PTFA. There are a number of ways you can do this, with varying degrees of commitment to suit your circumstances.

Please contact Gina if you are interested in joining the committee or would like to help in one of our events. Your support would be very welcome. 

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