1. What does Rushmoor School do for more able, gifted and talented pupils?

    The strength of Rushmoor is that the small classes and differentiated work ensures pupils of all abilities are given appropriate work and are extended. Rushmoor offers a gifted and talented programme to ensure that our more able pupils achieve the highest grades and are provided with an academically enhanced curriculum. All lessons are planned to ensure pupils of all abilities reach their full potential.

  2. What options are there for GCSE?

    All students follow a nine subject programme of GCSE courses. These must be carefully selected for each individual to best match his aptitudes and abilities.  The teaching timetable is organised with the students’ preferences in mind, but it is obvious that all students cannot always be accommodated in nine free choices. In these cases, the timetable is formulated to satisfy the maximum number of individuals, bearing in mind general educational aims. We do our very best to satisfy first choices for all.  The Key Stage 4 curriculum is made up of core subjects, option choice subjects as well as other additional study areas.

  3. Core Subjects

    Everyone must study English, Mathematics, and either separate sciences, Biology, Chemistry and Physics – 3 science GCSEs or science and additional science – 2 science GCSEs. These form the core subjects.  Note that pupils who have chosen to study two GCSE science courses will be required to take an additional option subject.

  4. Option Subjects

    In addition to the core subjects, each pupil must eventually choose four or five from the following options: art, catering, computing, DT, drama, English literature, French, geography, history, ICT, music, PE, photography and business studies (starts in 2017).. 

    During Years 10 and 11, students also have weekly lessons in Games and PSHE.

    Years 12 and 13 have the use of Club Towers for their recreational time and are able to represent the school in cross-country and athletics.  

  5. What is the average size class?

    Form class sizes are small, with an average of approximately 16 pupils.  For pupils studying GCSE options this figure is significantly less.

  6. Do you have Learning Support Assistants in the classroom?

    We have an army of wonderful Learning Support Assistants, who support either individual pupils or groups within the classroom. Their support is invaluable as they give the pupils far more than just a helping hand with their learning. LSA’s are in situ to support and extend the learning of the pupils.

    Support is also given to A level students in the Sixth Form.

  7. How many pupils are in the school?

    As at May 2018 the number on roll is 380.  This is nearing maximum capacity; however, we do still have places available in some year groups for immediate starts and are currently accepting applications for September next year.

  8. Do the pupils learn a language?

    Pupils from Year 3 upwards learn French.  We also teach Italian in Key Stage 1. Other languages can be opted for at GCSE should a pupil have a specialism.

  9. What is the entry process?

    To apply for a place at Rushmoor you simply need to contact Philippa Abbruzzese to arrange an appoint to meet with the Principal, Mr Daniel, who will give you a guided tour of the School and answer any questions you may have.  Your child will be invited for a ‘taster day’ and feedback will be provided at the end of this day for you to consider.

  10. What was your last inspection like?

    Our most recent inspection visit took place in November 2017.  This was a compliance only inspection which was passed with flying colours and there were a numbers of excellent comments received from the inspection team.  Our previous report also had an overall ‘excellent’ description. The report is on this website.  The school is fully compliant on regulatory requirements.

  11. What is the sport like at the school?

    We offer a wide variety of sport and our aim is to instil the rules of the game into all participants.  We are a small school, so there is a lot of opportunity for all ability levels to become involved in playing fixtures and representing the school. We host a number of regional events for the Independent Schools Association, London North, which are very well received.  Our pupils participate at County level and Regional level.  We even have a number of professional rugby players, golfers and athletes who have been Rushmoor pupils.  Overall, Rushmoor has a strong reputation for sport.

    Our main sports are rugby, rowing, hockey, football, cricket and athletics.

    Former pupils include Matthew Cook, Castleford Tigers.  Jamie Elliott, Northampton Saints.  Jordi Pasqualin, Gloucester Rugby.  Steven Lewton, professional golfer.  

  12. How do you communicate with parents?

    We work very closely with parents and value their input into all areas of school life.  Each half-term parents can meet with the Principal by attending the Parents Council Meeting, where agenda items are discussed on all areas of school development, from the curriculum and pastoral care to general maintenance issues.  We also have a very hard-working PTFA who organise wonderful events such as the annual Ball.

    We also provide parents with a weekly blog from the Principal so they are aware of what is happening each week at the school.  There are regular newsletters and an annual review that is issued at the end of the summer term.  Parents receive emails and text alerts through the ‘Clarion’ electronic system.

  13. Can you pay by Direct debit?

    Yes, we accept payment for school fees via a monthly direct debit.  Payment can also be made via cards.  Discounts apply if you wish to pay for the year in advance.  . 

  14. Do you offer bursaries and Scholarships?

    Yes we do offer bursaries and scholarships and full details are available upon request from the School Business Manager, Mrs Diffey.

  15. Who would do the tour if we visited?

    Tours are conducted by the Principal, Mr Daniel.

  16. Where do the pupils go post-16?

    Pupils continue into our co-educational Rushmoor and St Andrew's Sixth Form.

  17. Where do the girls go to at year 6 onwards?

    Mr Daniel is also the Principal of St Andrew’s School on Kimbolton Road, Bedford.  The two schools work closely together and have many shared values and aims.  As another small independent school, it would be a natural progression for any girl leaving Rushmoor.  Many enrichment activities are now organised jointly between the two schools and are co-educational, allowing the pupils from both schools to mix well together before transferring..

  18. Where are your games fields?

    Our games field is located on the road heading towards Clapham village just pass the Sainsbury’s/A6 bypass roundabout. Here we have rugby and soccer pitches together with cricket nets and pitch for the summer term. An athletics track is marked out for the summer term only.

  19. Do the pupils swim?

    Pupils from Reception up to Year 7 swim every week.  We also have swimming clubs on Mondays and Thursdays.

  20. How much is the uniform?

    We try to keep uniform costs as reasonable as possible.  A full uniform list giving prices is available on the website by clicking the appropriate link.  The basic uniform of white shirt/blouse, trousers, skirts/pinafore dresses can be purchased from any supplier; as can sport shorts and plain navy overcoats.   Blazers, ties and school coloured sports kit can be purchased via the school reception.


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